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Black Walnut and Epoxy - Crotch Coffee Table

This Black Walnut & Epoxy - Crotch Coffee Table is a perfect addition to any modern home. Crafted from the wood crotch of an American Black Walnut slab, this exquisitely designed piece is sure to draw attention and enliven any living space. The beautifully crafted live edge wood features a warm walnut texture with knots and grains that lend an organic feel. To highlight this remarkable natural beauty, the table has been sealed with a clear tabletop epoxy resin, imbuing the wood with a glossy finish while showing off its beautiful textures and grains. Table legs have been crafted with a simple, modern silhouette that won't overwhelm the design. These legs are also walnut to match the raw hues of the black walnut top, creating a balanced contrast.

At first glance, you will be mesmerized by the extraordinary beauty of the ‘The Marquis’. With its majestic wood grain, remarkable textures, and sleek lines, this coffee table is sure to be center stage in your living room. Create moments of conversation and bring people together around this true conversation starter. Transform your home into an inviting and pleasurable space with this immaculate live edge wood coffee table.

‘The Marquis’ - American Black Walnut & Epoxy - Crotch Coffee Table

Size: 34"x 25" - 2” thick - 17.5” tall

Wood: American Black Walnut

Base: 4x Dark Walnut Angled Wooden Tapered Legs - Mid-Century Style - (Removable)

Epoxy: ‘Blue Pacific’ colored epoxy - Meyspring Pigments

Finish: 2 floodcoats of Tabletop epoxy resin RustyDesign Canada - 3 coats Black Forest Nano Ceramic Coating for a bonding layer of superior protection

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