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C-Shaped Black Walnut and River Stone Epoxy Sofa Table


Introducing this one-of-a-kind black walnut live edge C-Shaped end table! Perfectly suited for modern home decor, this rectangular 24 inch by 12 inch table is sure to make an impressive centerpiece in any room. With the beautiful grain of the wood and its natural curves, it will add a touch of unique modern elegance to your interior.Made from only the finest materials, this carefully crafted end table is finished with a durable epoxy tabletop finish that gives adds a glossy look to the black walnut. The tabletop is made from two pieces of solid wood that are 2 inches thick, adding a sense of durability to its modern style. The center of the table is decorated with large black river rocks for a unique touch.This black walnut live edge end table is just what modern home decor needs - sleek, stylish and with a practical purpose. The C-shaped design means it can fit perfectly underneath your sofa and create a convenient small surface area for your guests to place their drinks. It's the perfect addition to any living space, not to mention it is sure to make a lasting impression on anyone who enters your home.

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